Aisha is a great and professional Breathwork therapist. She made me feel very safe so I could completely trust and let go of tension and emotions. She made me aware of patrons so i can change them. Afterwards I felt so much more space, relaxed and energetic. Highly recommended if you want to connect to yourself again. Thank you Aisha
~ Natalie C.

Aisha is an amazing breathwork practitioner, she guided me gently through the session while tapping into and releasing my subconscious blocks I was working on. The music, the guidance and her energy were just perfect for me to completely relax and let go. I ended up feeling lighter, more peaceful and connected within myself. Thank you Aisha.
~ Karolina K.

I had a wonderful healing session with Aisha, she did some body work on me, massage and kinesiology. I felt the effects immediately! She’s not only very skilled and well trained, but also clearly talented and intuitive in her work. I would definitely recommend her! Thank you ?
~ Anna Maria P.

I visited Lotus Balance during my pregnancy. Aisha’s knowledge is fantastic and she is a very kind, thoughtful and helpful person who offered me the right support. my condition got much better after the sessions with her and I cannot thank her enough. i would defo recommend lotus balance to my friends and family. 5 stars!
~ Madeleine W.

Have you ever had that feeling when you know you try so hard to be healthier, but despite having a beautiful healthy diet, meditating every day, going to yoga or gym, taking time to switch off and relax… you still feel incomplete? Something is definitely wrong, but you cannot figure out what…Sometimes it feels that all your body parts are somehow disconnected… Some other time it feels that there’s no communication between your soul and your body….I had a wonderful healing session with Aisha, when I felt the effects immediately! Aisha and various methods that she incorporates in her treatments will make you feel whole. You will feel that you become oneness. That the traumas are going away.That your heart expands with a waterfall of unconditional love. Thank you ❤ For giving me ‘ME’ back ❤❤❤

This is a follow up on my earlier review, as I’ve recently had a dynamic breathing online session with Aisha. It was a beautiful experience that showed me once again (I practice Wim Hof breathing although irregularly) the power of breath… the power of oxygen…our greatest and very first food…I had that session right after a rather hectic house move, and the middle back pain that I developed due to packing and constantly lifting very heavy things, cleaning etc. completely disappeared. With every breath I took, I felt an influx energy going to literally to every cell. At the same time I was in a very meditative state feeling like I left my body and became the observer of my breathing… seeing it circulating freely and without any obstacles. Absolutely incredible experience. Thank you once again ❤
~ Dominica C.

Is there a way to lay within your soul and feel that your body got home? Is there a spirit that is your roadmap gently pushing to the right path? Is there a human that have been here to make her lesson worthy? Yes. Aisha and her method brings your body home… Her touch touches blockages and release them with love… With such a way that you literaly feel the cross being taken off your back…If you ask: is it for me? For my child? For my beloved?Yes, it is… Why?We all had our traumas…We all at least once lost a breath of two…We all are rushing and expecting so much from ourselves…Aisha gives you touch of body, heart and soul and make you like a waterfall… Gently. With love. With purpose. With intention…Thank You Sister. For giving me my body back. ❤️❤️❤️❤️✨✨✨
~ Aleksandra K.

Masaż Aishy nie należy do standardowych. To terapia kinezjologiczna oddziałująca na fizyczne i mentalne źródła napięć i bólu. Pozornie mało inwazyjny powoduje głęboko i długo odczuwalną reakcje w ciele przez nawet kilka dni po zabiegu co mogłem już kilkakrotnie doświadczyć. Aisha precyzyjnie diagnozuje i trafia w źródło problemu. W przypadku pracy z dolegliwościami i ich przyczynami które trwają od lat trzeba się liczyć z tym że poprawa nie jest natychmiastowa ale już od pierwszej wizyty była duża ulga i wiedziałem że wybrałem najlepszy z możliwych masaży. Jeszcze raz dziękuję Aisha!
~ Rodislav D.

Miałam przyjemność poczuć wielkie cielesne ukojenie po sesji z Aishą. I choć masaż nie był typowym mizianiem, które kocham, moje ciało odblokowało zastałe blokady i spięcia. I co najważniejsze- dało mi odczuć lekkość i wewnętrzny spokój, czego dowodem jest fakt, że spałam po zabiegu 10 godzin cudownym głębokim snem ?
~ Klaudia G.

I visited Aisha for a kinesiology with a very tense back. It was also a very intense and stressful time for me. After 1 session not only the pain in the back is gone, I can move and twist my body like I used to, but also I had my chakras balanced, some energy work done, which made me feel very grounded and despite the time in life being still intense, I’m no longer stressed out ? As the name suggest, Lotus Balance helped me regain my life balance. Many thanks!
~ Justyna R.

Masaż w Lotus Balance to fantastyczne rozluźnienie, nieporównywalne do innych masaży, z jakich korzystałam.Wyskakujcie znad biurek i lećcie po zdrową ulgę dla ciała i głowy, będzie super ? Thank you, Aisha
~ Ewelina S.


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