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Why Do We Get Anxious & Depressed?

Why Do We Get Anxious & Depressed? 2240 1260 Aisha Archer

Depression and anxiety are the biggest two problems of our society.
Why? Why do so many people suffer and others don’t? Is it a gene or maybe imbalance in the chemicals in the brain? Or maybe these are all trapped emotions?

De-press. For me it’s a scream of the body and mind to unblock the emotions that are deeply covered and buried within body. We are not taught how to express all the feelings in a healthy way. Our upbringing or simply behaviours that are stuck in our DNA through ages “make us” to act certain way. Society doesn’t approve if we are ourselves, we need to fit in to perfect box, our parents and their parents weren’t aware of that and it’s like domino effect that hit us.

BOOM! All the emotions are there, suppressed and we have no idea what to do with them.

De-press – “please let me go, let me out, un-press me!”

A UK study from 2016* from 2013 suggested that going inward and turning our anger on ourselves contributes to the severity of depression and turn to be what scientist call ‘frozen anger’.

You may have gone through something that caused you to become angry, but at the time you couldn’t express your feelings properly. This type of anger becomes suppressed and it can then build up over the time.

But question over time is how to manage these trapped emotions? How to release them?

  • First is to define what was the root of the problem, why certain thing we experience cause certain behaviour. How do we usually act and manage the stress – fight, flight or freeze or maybe please?
  • Be mindful, be present and notice every day, every moment observe the body.
  • Most important thing is to learn how to set healthy boundaries with love, because the answer is LOVE but love to yourself. That’s the precious moment when you realize that nobody can hurt you so you don’t have to activate your adrenals to fight the imaginary enemy.

Our system is set to fight the danger but nowadays it confuses the real one (tiger chasing us) with our boss that screams and shouts at us. The outcome in our body is the same but… we cannot run away from boss or stab him with the knife so we “bottle up” all the emotions that run through our bodies. Later we forget about them but they are there! Shouting to let them out. We ignore it and the easiest way is to do some exercises with intention to get rid of them, go to the woods and scream or even box the pillow in our bedroom. Just let them out and clean the system.

Our heart’s desire is to feel connected. When we feel safe and free in our ability to connect and express ourselves – the energy is free to circulate. When repressed – binds, triggers and makes us afraid.

Our bodies are primarily free and elastic, energy and emotions are flowing freely finding the right way of expression. Once the stress is experienced, our tissues become tensed and “frozen”. When the stressful situation passes, the body moves, shakes, trembles and gets back to balance. When the tension is permanent and the stressful situations repeat, our organism has less capability to come back to balance. That cause chronic muscle tension that becomes a norm, something that was a stress becomes a quiescence. It is a defence mechanism to protect our vital energy that leads to shallow breathing and lack of movement. Every tension is designed to block impulses and expression that is perceived as too painful. Our emotions are “frozen” in our bodies. We use our life force to survive not live.

The solution is to start move our bodies and breath deeply to unwind these emotions and get back to original state.


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