We Escape Our Feelings Using Our Mind

We Escape Our Feelings Using Our Mind 940 788 Aisha Archer

It’s the most difficult thing and it takes courage to feel and embody everything what we’ve learnt and acknowledged. I can say through my own experience – I’ve been on many workshops, read lots of books, listened to many wise people but full change came when I felt. Knowledge cracked open my perception but feeling really changed my trajectory. I realised that it’s essential to anchor what I’ve learned, discovered, found out in my own body.

Of course, it wasn’t easy as our natural protection says “Don’t go there! Stay in the place you know! It’s maybe uncomfortable but known” “C’mon you know all these things, you don’t have to go so deep and FEEL.”, “Feeling is dangerous. You will be hurt”. It’s so difficult as our nervous system is wired in a certain way and our trauma is speaking through us. To heal our wound is to feel and it might be not pleasant but, when I arrived on the other side and looked back, there was always a question “What I was afraid of? Being there was painful, now it’s much easier”.

Embodiment means that we use our own bodily experience and processes to understand our own emotional experience, and the experiences of others.

But what it means in practice?

For me it is to put all what we’ve learned, we have in our minds into practice and feelings. And the only way we can really feel is not through thoughts but through our body. Feeling involves body sensations but traumas, hurtful events in our lives (or even passed through our generations) cut us from feeling. It’s a natural state to protect our vulnerability in order to survive. And what happens when we put invisible armour on us? We block the flow of the energy from outside but as well from the inside and it results in trapped emotions, trapped traumas in our body. Next, we train our inner guards to protect us from going into forbidden parts as it was too dangerous in the past. Things that no longer serve us are still there and playing a major role in how we act. For me it is this kind of odd feeling that I knew that certain behaviour doesn’t serve me anymore, I knew why I was doing it in the past but there was no available willpower to do opposite. It looked like I was constantly sticking finger into boiling water and was surprised that it hurts. I was doing the same things over and over again and was expecting different results. Sounds like a perfect definition of idiocy. I was stuck. Later I found out that traumas that were already brought into consciousness were still playing huge role in my body under my perfect shining armour.

Change is coming through movement, through feeling, through coming back to the body and to sensations. Paradoxically if we don’t feel difficult things, we will not have access to wonderful ones. I feel it’s time to integrate mind, body and soul and the most natural way for me – through breath. Breath is happening involuntary but the same time we have the option to control it. Through breath we can access our nervous system, put it into calm state but also gently activate it and in a safe way release the trapped emotions.

Breath connects body, mind and soul. It is inspiration to go further, to go beyond our thoughts, beyond our conditionings, our traumas. Even if we simply look at the word INSPIRE and its translation:

In-spire – to give inspiration / ideas – related to the mind.

In-spire – the Latin verb spirare means “breathe” so we are connecting with our body

Finally, it also consists of the word spirit – our soul.

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