Transform Yourself One Breath at a Time
Why did I fall in love with Breath?
It connects Body – Mind – Soul

In-spire – to give inspiration / ideas – related to the mind


In-spire – the Latin verb spirare means “breathe”
so we are connecting with our body


Finally, it also consists of the word spirit – our soul

Everything starts from one single breath and everything ends with one single breath. I was looking for the answers how to help myself and others to get back to the true nature. And what is true self? I felt it’s our most inner being that was buried under conditionings, traumas, experiences and emotions that no longer serve us.

Change is coming through movement, through feeling, through coming back to the body and to sensations. Paradoxically if we don’t feel difficult things, we will not have access to wonderful ones. I feel it’s time to integrate mind, body and soul and the most natural way for me – through breath. Breath is happening involuntary but the same time we have the option to control it. Through breath we can access our nervous system, put it into calm state but also gently activate it and in a safe way release the trapped emotions.

Breath connects body, mind and soul. It is inspiration to go further, to go beyond our thoughts, beyond our conditionings, our traumas.

Every emotional or physiological state has corresponding breathing pattern. During stressful events our breath becomes shallow and restricted to prevent the emotions to overflow us. When we are calm, the breath is slow and deep. The challenge begins, when our body creates protective armouring and restricts the ability to take a deep breath in our everyday lives. What is interesting the trauma survivors can become overwhelmed only by observing their breathing. In the beginning of my work, I was the case. That’s why it’s important to be gentle with yourself. By conscious breathing we are able to connect with the body in a safe way and let the suppressed emotional energy to surface. With an assistance of mindful Touch and Movement, the Emotions can be safely released. Mindful Movement can assist in telling the stories buried deep in the unconsciousness.

As a Breathwork facilitator trained in Biodynamic Breath and Trauma Release System ® (BBTRS) I come to basics and help people to connect with their body, trapped emotions, show how to observe the sensations in their bodies and release them with mindful movement. For me Breath is a form of meditation that helps to reconnect with ourselves. We are all sucking the same bubble of air on the earth and by changing ourselves we have influence on others. It’s all about our inner work – the more we work on ourselves the more beautiful world is around us.

You can transform yourself one breath at a time. I’m available for online sessions to assist you with this journey. Please get in touch with me if you feel the calling. There is also possible to arrange a free 15 minut transformational call to find out about your hopes and struggles.

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