My Story

Here is my story, how I turned my life upside down, how my years of looking for my true self, when I felt that my work doesn’t bring me joy anymore and burnout is creeping on my shoulder, ended up being my passion that I want to share with other people. Hope it will be inspiring.

It wasn’t easy actually it was bloody difficult! I didn’t want to let go of my nearly 20 years being a media girl but time has come and I felt there is no escape for me. Writing these words, I feel a bit of sadness and grief. It was amazing 20 years filled with joy, tears, struggles, victories and amazing people that crossed my path and stayed in my life.

In the end of 2019 when I felt I was ready to start my new adventure and work with what I’ve learned during Systematic Kinesiology studies, Universe started to help me to walk away from working in advertising. But I was still holding on to it by being a consultant. On top of it all my dreams crushed so I was left on a kind of battlefield thankfully surrounded by amazing people. At this most difficult and I have to say a turning point in my life, where everything seemed to tumbled down, I found myself on Biodynamic Breath and Trauma Release® workshop. I wasn’t expected anything and also, I wasn’t prepared for such a change in my life. So many emotions I thought I’ve already processed and got into peace, surfaced, my body was dealing with old wounds and even traumas. After a week I knew I found home, I found missing part on my way to healing – BREATHWORK. Since then, it became a huge part of my practice and also personal daily routine. I’ve found four major components we need to heal ourselves, to feel again, to be whole – presence, touch, movement and finally most important – BREATH, the most accessible plant medicine we can find on Earth (as plants are producing oxygen!).

I realised that Body and Breath work together, support each other and complement each other. I like to look at them as yin and yang. Breath is in our body and we are soaked in the air. We need both to live. I can only say through my personal experience that Bodywork and Breathwork helped me enormously to embody all years of studies, knowledge and work I’ve done. The knowledge cracked the thick shell for Breath to make space for body to became more fluid and to be able to express myself in a full way. I’ve realised that all I’ve experienced and I’m experiencing creates me as a human being. It’s never-ending beautiful process called Life.

And that’s what I would love to share with people – my presence, touch, my deep knowledge of human body, my deep connection with breath. I like to inspire, guide and hold space for them to be able to experience their true nature. Using my love for traveling, where I get the inspirations leads me to the inner journey and brings these experiences to the space, where people can go on their own journeys to healing.

I feel it’s really time to let go of my old self that served me well. I cannot deny how much I’ve learned, grew and got out of working in advertising. It was and always be a huge part of my life that I have so much gratitude towards but I’m ready for this new journey. My dream is to inspire people to live more free life, to show them that we can be healthier, we can be calmer, we can be happier. Life is absolutely amazing adventure!

Currently I’m offering sessions in person in Poland and also online Breathwork sessions around the world. Let the journey begins and let me assist you in it.

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